THE BORZOI | Grand Opening Announced: 31.03.2018 #TheLegendReturns
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Grand Opening Announced: 31.03.2018 #TheLegendReturns

It is with extraordinary delight that we would like to promulgate the summer 2018 opening of The Borzoi. In a similar style to our annual tendencies, the most iconic club in Skiathos will be returning just in time for Easter celebrations- one of the most fascinating time’s of the year, one may say, marking the comemmoration of not only Christ’s sacrifice but also the welcoming of precious summer.

In light of such exciting & extraordinary news, The Borzoi Club Management would also like to announce a variety of major happenings that are about to take place in 2018, including major changes at the restaurant menu as well as the organization of a number of happenings & events inspired from exciting rituals from around the globe.

Stay tuned as more information is expected to be unfolded soon…