THE BORZOI | Our New Chef: Michalis Nourloglou Redefines #THEBORZOI Cuisine
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Our New Chef: Michalis Nourloglou Redefines #THEBORZOI Cuisine

Critically acclaimed Chef Michalis Nourloglou will be the face behind The Borzoi cuisine in Summer 2018! Changing our for many year’s successful menu was a big decision for our team, however knowing that we will be doing this with one of the most successful chefs out there, it really convinced us to move forward and create something new.

Michalis Nourloglou gained prominence early in his career through the TV Reality Show TOP CHEF. He is currently being considered as one of the most succesful Greek chefs of his generation having won numerous awards through an impressive career working with top tier restaurants.  He is known for mixing authentic mediterranean tastes with the art of high gastronomy, using fresh ingredients in addition to influences from the international gourmet scene.

The brand new Borzoi Menu is explicitly focused on seasonality and mediterranean ingredients, a philosophy that is quite common in all menus that have been crafted by Michalis Nourloglou. Recipes are creative without alienating the average consumer. All ingredients have been carefully mixed & matched using only the highest quality standards. Every plate crafted focuses on an ingredient that the chef adores and wishes to highlight through the development of a creative recipe. The whole menu is characterized by a simplistic fullness with an emphasis on light and rejuvenating tastes, elements that are commonly commemorated during the warm summer months.

Some of the newest recipes that you can expect to try out this summer at The Borzoi include Squid with gremolata, chilly and lime, Eggplant with steak tartare as well as Bavette alio olio e pepperocino with bottarga and finally Rib Eye Black Angus with butter and french fries.

Our restaurant is making its grand debut this Thursday the 10th of May 2018! Don’t miss it.