THE BORZOI | Chronicles
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The Borzoi Chronicles

Constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, the building that now consists The Borzoi was originally an olive press, a “taliagria”, one of the first that ever operated at the island of Skiathos. Complex manufacturing procedures were not available at the time and olive oil production relied exclusively on manpower and handwork. The olive press continued its operation until 1962 when it had to be shut down due to the opening of factories & workshops that were able to produce oil using manufacturing tools & machines.


Abandoned for almost 15 years, the old olive press was finally revived in 1977, this time as a bar- taverna that was initially destined to evolve to the most famous nightclub that ever existed on the island.  It was during the 80s and 90s that The Borzoi established itself as a cosmopolitan nightlife hub expanding its reputation not only within the borders of Greece but also throughout the world. Those were the glorious days of Skiathos extravaganza & bohemian lifestyle when the island was frequented by local & international celebrities, world leaders and even royals.


The contribution of The Borzoi into shaping modern Skiathos culture & the local travel industry is today, undisputable.


The club was revived in 2015, under new ownership, this time as a sophisticated club restaurant with references to its heritage that has succesfully managed to return to its former glory, serving as an iconic venue, a true landmark of both the past and the overwhelming future.

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